Sassi dipinti con uccelli | L’anatra mandarina

Sassi dipinti con uccelli - anatra mandarinaEcco la mia prima anatra mandarina dipinta su pietra, realizzata su un sasso dalla forma splendida e pronta per essere acquistata da un vero collezionista amante della natura! E’ stato un lavoro più lungo del previsto, la livrea di questi splendidi uccelli è un’esplosione di colori e dettagli che la rendono un’opera d’arte in piume ed ossa! Sei interessato? Contattami con fiducia e senza alcun impegno!

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4 risposte a Sassi dipinti con uccelli | L’anatra mandarina

  • Richard scrive:

    My cat passed away 2 months ago, she was a good friend and it has been difficult to get used to her not being about.
    She was black and white in colour, with a normal Tabby face.
    Have you any like that, if not how much to paint.
    Cheers Rich.

  • Josette scrive:

    My son is in the United States Air Force and I think misses his cat so much,more then his Mommy. Lol
    To do a rock with my sons cat what would be the cost? Do you ship to the USA?

  • Marleen scrive:

    How much do you charge and are there different sizes? Just lost my cat to cancer, would love to get one of my cat Papas. Beautiful rocks….

    Thank u

  • Jim Hale scrive:

    Everyone here is very interested in your magnificent artwork. Can you please post using English to explain how you can be commissioned to paint photographs of our cats. It seems like you have many people who want this. Please let us know what you require to be commissioned. An estimated cost of one Stone would help.

    I want (2) made. I believe you could be very busy for a long time making these truly breathtaking visions of art.

    Please help us and I’m sure all will be happy.

    Thank you,

    Jim Hale

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