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Ritratto di Kiki

Gatto dipinto su sasso

Il mio primo ritratto su pietra di questo mese è quello di Kiki, una splendida gatta dal pelo tricolore. L’opera è stata imballata ed è già pronta a prendere il volo verso gli Stati Uniti, dove ad attenderla ci sarà Crystal, la gentile cliente che me l’ha commissionata! Contattami anche tu per ricevere un preventivo dettagliato senza impegno.

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! It is gorgeous, Roberto!!! I am so amazed at how perfectly you capture my kitties and their personalities! I have to honestly say that at first sight I just thought “OMG that’s my KyKy”. Roberto you cannot possibly imagine how much these paintings mean to me, my kitties have been my whole world and you captured them on such a huge level and it’s like still having them here with me. Thank you so much for these precious gifts. Can’t wait to have them here in my home!!! Take care and thank you again.

  2. This is my sweet kitty and I am truly AMAZED at how Roberto captured her spirit! I will treasure this forever! This is the second one he has done for me and he’s working on my third kitty’s rock currently, can’t wait to see it!

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